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Personal Training Hope Island – A New Way to Look at Fitness

Do you need a lifestyle change?

Are you currently lacking motivation and need some accountability?

Are your eating habits all wrong?

Are you struggling to reach your health and fitness goals?

Wondering why you go to the gym but never really see any change in your body shape or weight?

If these are some of the issues that are bothering you, Body Express Personal Training can help you! Our studio is located on Siganto Drive, Helensvale, just off the M1 Highway.

We can visit you at YOUR home with one of our personal trainers who service Hope Island, Helensvale, Monterey Keys, Pacific Pines and Coomera.

Personal Training Redefined!

A look at some of our success stories will tell you exactly what we do. Our high success rate makes “flab-to-fab transformation” almost a matter of routine. Our trainers work with you throughout this journey of transformation, guiding you with technique, diet, and schedules. They ensure that you stay accountable to yield results that you truly deserve. You’ll find our trainers by you every moment you sweat it out on your path to fitness.

At Body Express Personal Training, we bring you a complete fitness package. For us, what matters is your body contour, not your weight, and we work with you towards this goal. Crash diets and unhealthy workout schedules can help you shed weight but not for long. You need a sustained plan that keeps the flab away from you forever and this is precisely what we bring you.

Body Express Brings You a Comfortable Environment

At Body Express, we understand that venturing into the gym can be quite intimidating. You suddenly start feeling “less of a person” amidst beefed up bodies. That’s never the case when you trust Body Express Personal Training. Our studio brings you a perfect environment where you never feel intimidated or embarrassed. We feature the most modern equipment and techniques in the world of personal training, most importantly we bring you a one-to-one personal training approach, making fitness “personal” in the true sense.

Trusting our Personal trainers Means Zero Wait

That’s right! You’ll never have to wait for the next workout instruction. Our personal trainers ensure that every second you spend in our studio is productive. You’ll find the absence of “queues” for equipment a welcoming change from your regular gym. You also have the option of availing the services of a personal trainer right at your doorstep.Simply get in touch with us for more on this option.

Inexpensive Fitness at Body Express Personal Training

All you need is a bit of willpower to get in touch with us. You’ll find us quite affordable for the standard of personal training we bring you. It’s doesn’t matter what age you are or how much you weigh, get in touch right away!