I’d like to give Jess, who is heading overseas, a special mention, as he’s finished his 8 week challenge today ( 2 weeks early).
The pictures say it all really. His dedication to training and his diet have been second to none. Sticking to the plan 99% of the time and his own drive and determination has allowed him to make this great transformation. Adding to this Jess is vegan, so that itself has brought a few challenges , but we worked around that designing a sustainable ( he may tell you differently) meal plan, allowing him to get enough protein without overeating carbohydrates.
His stats read a body fat loss of 5.2 kgs, seeing a 2 cm increase around his chest and a 2cm decrease around his waist.
Great work mate , I applaud you 👏👏44305350_1862150963873741_3110872716895322112_n



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