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Gift Ideas: Personal Training Gift Vouchers

How often do you worry about the fitness of your partner or loved ones? Just take a few minutes from your busy schedule and see what they put themselves through everyday. How about giving your partner a spurt of energy that lasts for a lifetime? Body Express Personal Training allows you to do exactly that. We offer you gift vouchers that come in denominations of $50, $100 and $200.

Choose Personal Training Gift Vouchers

Gifts are supposed to be meaningful and memorable. What better way to touch the soul of your loved one than gifting him or her health and a sense of wellbeing? Stop scouting around for gifts that make no real impact and simply opt for our Personal Training gift vouchers! Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year and Birthdays are just some of the occasions that call for our gift vouchers.

If you’re tired of getting your partner to hit the gym, giving a gift voucher to compel them to visit us can turn out to be an awesome idea. Sometimes people just need a slight initial nudge to veer towards fitness before it quickly becomes a habit and induces great lifestyle changes.

Personal Training Gift Vouchers for Couples

Want to bring your circle of friends to the gym? Present them our gift voucher and make them a part of group fitness programmes that we bring you. Our boot-camp-style Personal Training sessions will bring you closer as friends. Most importantly, the voucher presents a great opportunity to bond in a productive manner. Just begin with a small gift voucher and watch as fitness becomes second nature to your group of friends.

Collecting our Personal Training Gift Vouchers is Easy

Simply drop into our Personal Training studio in Helensvale or have us mail them to you. Be instrumental in cultivating a healthy habit in your loved ones. They’ll love you for this thoughtful gift!