Best 1:1 Personal Training

Our professional 1:1 Personal Training service ensures that you reach your fitness goals in the quickest possible time. The attention that we give you ensures that you remain injury-free and motivated at all times. You’ll even be provided with a tailored diet plan for efficiency. You’ll never be left wondering what to do next when you opt for a Body Express Personal Training Programme. You’re sure to enjoy the non-intimidating workout environment that we bring you.

Mobile Personal Trainers

Hard-pressed for time? At Body Express Personal Training, we understand that you lead a busy lifestyle. For this reason, our personal trainers save you the travel time by knocking on your door to motivate you for workouts every day. You can avail the expertise of our top-notch personal trainers from the comfort of your home, office or any other location of your choice. Shortage of time for workouts cannot be used as an excuse or a reason any longer.

Body Express Brings You the 8-Week Body Evolution Challenge

Competing with others like you is not just fun but also extremely motivating. Working on this principle, Body Express Personal Training brings you the 8-Week Body Evolution Challenge twice a year – once in February and again in October. Participate in the challenge and have your progress recorded at every step on a weekly chart. Watch your amazing transformation unfold. The challenge goes beyond mere weight loss. It takes into consideration your total transformation. Of course, amazing prizes await you at the other end!

Have Fun with Group Fitness at Body Express

For those of you who love to socialize, our boot-camp-style group fitness packages are ideal. The personal trainers will engage you in fun fitness activities like noncontact boxing and cross training where you workout as a unit. Make great gym buddies as you burn those calories and drench yourself in sweat. All equipment will be provided by us. Our group fitness programme promises to be the best hour of your day. Try it!

Body Express Presents Corporate Fitness

There are many benefits for both employers and employees in having a strong, fit and healthy workforce. For employers a fit workforce means:

  • Improved work performance and productivity
  • Reduced sick leave
  • Increase in health awareness
  • Improved staff morale

For employees, it is a time to relax and bond with coworkers in a whole new way. Move away from bonding over beers and start making friends as you sweat it out with our personal trainers. At Body Express Personal Training we offer to travel to YOUR workplace and stage healthy eating / lifestyle seminars. Not just that, we run physical training sessions at a time and location that suits you best. Please contact to discuss your options.