“I love sharing my passion for health and wellbeing! It is great to see people become empowered through fitness…”


“I’ll provide a nutrition and exercise program that works on structure and accountability, to ensure you get real results…”


“I’m living the dream, offering people my professional knowledge and support, and getting results…”


“I want clients to reach their health and fitness goals, by focusing on achievable and sustainable lifestyle changes…”

Meet Our Personal Trainers

Are you tired of personal trainers who speak a bunch of jargon that miss you by a mile? At Body Express Personal Training, our trainers give you a realistic picture of where you stand in terms of fitness. They also give you a clear roadmap taking you on a path of fitness that brings effective results without injuries. Every aspect of your fitness is cared for by our trainers, including your diet, work out schedules, and weight issues while keeping your fitness goals in mind. Most importantly, our trainers facilitate a non-intimidating workout environment where you can make full use of the clean up to date equipment in our studio.

Our Personal Trainers are Your Motivators

It’s not body aches or injuries that lead to discontinuation of working out regularly. The single biggest culprit is the lack of motivation. After a while, working out simply becomes an uninteresting proposition to most people. The question is why? At Body Express, we believe that keeping the clients motivated is a part and parcel of a personal trainer’s job.

Our personal trainers are highly motivated and their contagious enthusiasm will draw you to us for more. Knowhow, experience and excellent communication mixed with empathy and compassion are some of the traits common in all the trainers at Body Express Personal Training.

We Maintain Optimum Personal Trainer and Client Ratio

What does this mean for a person like you? It simply means quicker and better results. Our personal trainers will guide you with the right postures as you workout. You will enjoy a work out that is especially tailored for you. You get the attention that you deserve for a body that you truly deserve and the confidence and positive body language that comes along with it.

Be a Part of Our Personal Training Studio

Train under our passionate trainers who love their jobs. Joining us is one decision you’ll be glad you took.