Some of our amazing 10 Week Body Evolution winners!


Our 10 Week Body Evolution Female Winner, for 2018!


For ‘our clients’ Damo lost 20 kgs in 10 weeks


Our 10 Week Body Evolution Female Winner, for 2014!


Our 10 Week Body Evolution Female Winner, for 2014!


Our 10 Week Body Evolution Female Winner, for 2013!


Our 10 Week Body Evolution Female Winner, for 2012!


Our 10 Week Body Evolution Female Winner, for 2013!


Our 10 Week Body Evolution Female Winner, for 2012!


“Iain is a firm but fair trainer. He gave me so much knowledge, support and encouragement and really exceeded my expectations” – Vanessa

“I have so much more energy and feel stronger and fitter than I did when I was in my twenties” – Sue

“Iain showed me how to change my diet and exercise the right way, which helped me to lose my spare tyre….I have now completely lost my lower back pain” – Cam

“The in-depth knowledge of sports nutrition and exercise physiology, as well as the continued support and encouragement helped me shed unwanted and what I believed to be unmoveable mummy weight” – Debra

“At the age of 29, I didn’t even know how to run, and I had never run any more than a few metres in my whole life. One year on, and after hard work, determination and consistent support from my PT, I am looking forward to running my first 5kms with BodyExpress this month” – Zoe

Body Express Personal Training Helensvale – the Choice Doesn’t Get Better

Body Express brings you a comfortable and non-intimidating environment to workout. With us, you’ll never wait for equipment or feel lost for guidance. Our highly experienced trainers will always be by your side for one-to-one guidance.

Our Personal Trainers are Right for You

Most gyms overlook embarrassment and intimidation as causes for people avoiding working out. But not us. If you wish to hit the gym but are too self-conscious, Body Express Personal Training Helensvale is exactly what you need. With the comfortable surroundings that our personal training brings, you will no longer worry about people looking at you as you sweat it out. You’ll never feel conscious of your body image regardless of your age, gender or body size. Wondering how we achieve this? It’s all about the approach that our personal trainers adopt.

Our Personal Trainers Work with You

If you’ve had unpleasant experiences with gyms in the past where you’re left without guidance, put that behind you. At Body Express Personal Training, it’s all about one-to-one relationships. Watch yourself making steady progress at a pace that’s most comfortable to you. Our experienced trainers bring you physically visible and mentally rewarding results within an unbelievably short time. You’ll also be guided on aspects such as nutrition and diet. Our personal training even involves tailoring a diet template specifically for your needs.

Enjoy Our Well-Equipped Training Facility

Waiting for equipments in gyms is simply irritating and a huge waste of time. At Body Express Personal Training, we realise this. Unlike other gyms, you’ll never have to wait for that treadmill, dumbbell or elliptical trainer when you work out in our personal training facility. Our personal trainers will be right by your side so you make the most of our state-of-the-art equipment. With the right guidance and equipment, sculpting your body is going to be a fantastic and rewarding journey.

Visit Our Facility Today!

Still sitting on the fence? Come right in to get an idea of what awaits you. Body Express also brings you mobile personal training. To know more get in touch now!